eBook Relentless Passion, Jeffrey Mann Mann


por el autor   Jeffrey Mann Mann

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ISBN: 9781621363293
Tema: Religión - Cristianismo
Editorial: Charisma Media
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
Formato electrónico:  EPUB 

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The salvation experience does not introduce us to a religion; it baptizes us into a passionate relationship with God! In Relentless Passion, you ll learn that having a heart burning with fiery, passionate love for God is every believer s inheritance in Christ. And having a bride passionately in love with Him is part of Jesus inheritance in the saints. Relentless Passion calls Christians to pursue a passionate relationship with God, and equips them with the tools to sustain it for a lifetime. Relentless Passion will help you:... Acquire godly passion and stay passionate during mundane and difficult seasons... Position yourself for life-changing encounters with God... Practice the art of interacting with God... Develop a devotional life that is consistent, vibrant, and fulfilling... Identify and overcome obstacles that kill passion... Recapture your spiritual vitality and overcome boredom and passivity... Cultivate an appetite for God and His kingdom

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