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ISBN: 9780071590495
Tema: Medicina - Medicina General
Editorial: Mc Graw Hill Interamericana
Fecha publicación: 2011
Páginas: 168
Idioma: Inglés
Formato electrónico:  EPUB  (6774KB)

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A full-color, step-by-step atlas of rhinoplasty surgical techniques

Part of the McGraw-Hill Plastic Surgery Atlas series, Rhinoplasty is an unmatched visual guide to learning how to successfully perform this challenging procedure. Featuring 180 full-color illustrations, this is the perfect primer for surgeons to begin and sharpen their understanding of rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty addresses the relevant anatomy, operative setup, surgical steps, and postoperative care to optimize patient outcomes. The book is organized by anatomic location and covers in detail the numerous maneuvers that are frequently used to shape the various parts of the nose. Designed to provide the most relevant information in the clearest manner possible, Rhinoplasty features an easy-to-apply presentation consisting of bulleted text on the left- hand page and   high-quality illustrations on the right.

Opening chapters include coverage of nasal anatomy, cartilaginous support, arterial support, innervations and muscles of the nose, treatment planning, operative setup, and basic approaches. The book then goes on to cover actual corrections, including:

Dorsal hump deformity
Doral augmentation
Radix reduction and augmentation
Increasing and decreasing tip rotation
Lengthening the short nose
Alar base modification
Alar-columella relationship modification
Septal modification
And more
Also included is an appendix illustrating key surgical instruments.

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