eBook Ronald Reagan's America, Terry Golway


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ISBN: 9781402248849
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Fecha publicación: 2008
Idioma: inglés

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Ronald Reagan, The Great Communicator, knew the power of words. His voice confronted America's foes, comforted the nation, and hastened the end of the Cold War. Ronald Reagan's America presents the history of the Reagan years told through his memorable speeches during the defining events of the era. Reagan's unshakable belief in the power of democracy against totalitarianism and of freedom against oppression shaped our world today. His ideas set the tone for our struggles and victories against the Soviet Union and in the Middle East, and his legacy continues in US policy at home and throughout the world. In the tradition of Let Every Nation Know, historian Terry Golway presents the defining moments of the Reagan years, with Ronald Reagan at their center. Woven throughout the book are carefully chosen excerpts of the speeches Reagan gave at 30 notable events throughout his political career included on one audio CD. Praise for Ronald Reagan's America Nothing short of terrific...The insightful commentary adds a powerful complement. -Booklist Illuminates the importance of public address to the success and reputation of presidents. -Library Journal Riveting tour de force. -Publishers Weekly A masterful job. -Bob Schieffer, CBS News Marvelous work. -Joe Conason, journalist and author of The Hunting of the President and Big Lies

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