eBook Rough Justice, Lizbeth Dusseau


por el autor   Lizbeth Dusseau

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ISBN: 9781936173402
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
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"Lacy Dalton loves her bottom spanked—but only on her terms. She tries to control when and where her dutiful fiancé spanks her, just as she tries to control everything at Skylark Ranch. However, when the new ranch foreman, Travis Wills, arrives, the head-strong heroine's well ordered life is suddenly turned up side down. It's clear from the start that Lacy and the handsome but ""rough around the edges"" cowboy are destined to clash. In short order, Travis finds that spanking this vixen's bare behind is the answer to her defiant temper. To their surprise, when the war between them heats up, the spanking turns erotic—suggesting that there is much more to their relationship than they ever planned. With lots of spanking, as well as light, leather bondage and steamy sexual interludes."

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