eBook Secrets Of The Contessa, Rose Thornwell


por el autor   Rose Thornwell

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ISBN: 9781934349397
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
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FEMDOM EROTICA. Drew Kaplan, aka Mike Irons writes fiction for men who like to see women spanked. In real life, however, it's Drew who bends, for his athletic assistant Tamarin. He's kept on a short leash, living in delicious fear of his own kitchen utensils, which Tamarin uses daily to beat his naked ass. The one thing he can't have is sex. Tamarin is secretly afraid of falling in love, which is exactly what happens the night she finally stops teasing and lets him pleasure her as the slave he wants to be. Before Drew can respond, he receives a strange summons from a notorious Contessa, known as the Female De Sade for her treatment of the men she keeps at her castle in central Italy. The savagely beautiful Contessa wants Drew to write about her lifestyle and won't take no for an answer. Once there, Drew gets more than an eyeful as he documents the daily tortures happily endured by the Contessa's slaves. But soon Drew must do more than observe as he is claimed by Fiona, the Contessa's eighteen year old understudy. As Fiona's -puppy-, he endured humiliation, misery and pain far exceeding his games with Tamarin. When Drew rebels he is taught a lesson in slavery that will leave him begging to obey Fiona for the rest of his life. Is this the end of the line or does the cruel Contessa have a hidden agenda of her own? And what of Tamarin? Will she miss her man enough to fight for him? An intense and fast paced novel Thornwell fans are sure to love!

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