eBook Shoot Me, I´m Already Dead, Julia Navarro


por el autor   Julia Navarro

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ISBN: 9788401343483
Tema: Literatura - Literatura
Editorial: Random House
Fecha publicación: 2014
Idioma: Inglés
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The gripping story of two families who follow their dreams and struggle to overcome their own destiny. Marian Miller, a NGO aid worker, is asked to write a report on the illegal Jewish settlements in Palestinian territory. In order to do so, she wants to listen to the two versions of the story, what leads her to a meeting in Israel with Ezaquiel Zucker, an old man who, like many others, has a lot to tell and also, a secret to hide... Ezequiel will narrate his story like it were a massive jigsaw puzzle of many complex pieces and Marian will tell him the Arabic version. At the twilight of the 19th century, the Zuckers, banned from their country during the last tsarist period because of their Jewish identity, live horror and injustice in the flesh. They set out for the Promised Land and buy the lands of the Ziads, an Arabic family headed by Ahmed. The two men, Ahmed Ziad and Samuel Zucker, will establish a strong bond, a friendship that can overcome the religious and political differences, and that will be perpetuated throughout generations. With a background of threats, unleashed betrayals, and thirst for vengeance, the lives of the Zuckers and the Ziads weave a story full of stories in a great novel that hides many novels inside; a novel that offers a historical frieze that starts off at the end of the 19th century and culminates in 1948. A mosaic of treachery and revenge, of possible and impossible loves and of the great adventure that is living and surviving in a land marked by intolerance and outrage. A deep and moving chronicle of a family saga, Shoot, I'm already dead is not only Julia Navarro's best and most ambitious novel, but it is also, and above all, a novel filled with real people who are responsible for their own destinies, who will follow their dreams and fight for their lives.

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