eBook Slave World, Johnny Stone


por el autor   Johnny Stone

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ISBN: 9781937831202
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
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Far outside of the United Planetary Federation’s jurisdiction is a world of unprecedented fetishes and kinks, unrestricted by the governing laws of slave ownership. This pearl of debauchery has a name- Slave World- a hell on earth to some, and a Garden of Eden to others. Margo Winters, an emotionally scarred and unstable veteran turned independent freighter pilot, is about to find out firsthand which category she falls into. A routine slave delivery for Margo and John, her out-of-date droid/companion/co-pilot and sex partner, turns catastrophic when their cargo escapes cryo-stasis and takes control of her ship. Margo has a hidden secret though, and one of the escapees recognizes it, dooming her to a life of sexual slavery. Sold to a brokering house, Margo is collared, trained, and stripped of her humanity, before being purchased by a cruel and sadistic man. Simple slavery isn’t enough for him, and Margo soon joins her ‘brothers and sisters’ at the ranch stables to begin her new life as a cosmetically and genetically altered pony girl. She quickly becomes a helpless player in a web of intrigue, finding herself torn between her Master’s twisted desires of power, the man of her dreams, and the innate call of animalistic lust for another slave. Her ultimate challenge isn’t to just survive her ordeal with her pride and sanity intact- it’s to keep from ultimately killing the man she comes to love more than life itself.

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