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por el autor   Tim Connor Connor

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ISBN: 9781402235535
Tema:  - Libros sin catalogar
Fecha publicación: 2003
Idioma: inglés

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Everyone sells every day--themselves, their ideas, their products or services. Soft Sell provides a new approach to selling...one that stresses motivation, communication, relationship-building and self-image psychology to power-boost you to personal sales success! Soft Sell gives you: --An in-depth, self-analysis questionnaire to get you started --Exercises to expand your possibilities and help rid yourself of imaginary ceilings and self-imposed limitations --The 20 qualities found in the most successful salespeople--with a scale for you to evaluate and grade yourself --Simple ways to get out of a sales slump --17 principles for personal achievement And Soft Sell explains: --Sales objections--what they actually mean and how to overcome them --Attitude--how to really increase your success --Prospecting--how to discover the prospect's dominant buying motive --The sales interview--get your prospect to tell you how to sell to him or her --Service--building customer support and loyalty to increase repeat business

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