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ISBN: 9780974289205
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
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Doctor Emerald Tallow is a lithe young psychologist whose job is to restore the self-esteem of runaway girls, keeping them from the clutches of pimps and drug dealers. When one of her patients, a pretty nineteen-year old named Krissy, tells her she's found bliss in the arms - and chains - of a mysterious billionaire, Rainier, Emerald smells a rat. The courts are unwilling to help her, so Emerald decides to take him on herself. Rainier, whose empire includes strip clubs, x rated movie studios and a shadowy 'girl relocation service', makes Emerald a most unusual offer. If she can withstand one month of his sexually dominant ways, he will release Krissy and a host of other girls, too. If Emerald succumbs, however, she will join them, surrendering herself body and soul. The man's methods prove to be both subtle and brutal. Emerald is thrown into a complete whirlwind as she finds herself craving the hand of discipline as much as she does Rainier's chiseled body. Can she retain her pride and independence, or will Emerald find herself sold...to the highest bidder?

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