eBook Spandex #3, Martin Eden


por el autor   Martin Eden

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ISBN: 9781782767794
Tema: Cómics - Cómics
Editorial: TITAN BOOKS
Fecha publicación: 2011
Idioma: Español

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Thanks to a powerful creature named Nadir, the whole population of Earth has been taken over and turned into colorless, cheerless zombies… all except for four members of Spandex! As the remaining team are picked off one by one, could this be the end of life as we know it? Find out in this very unique tale called '…If You Were the Last Person on Earth … Picked as the #6 best comic of 2012 by Q Magazine: "This sublime issue is a touching evocation of isolation, self-acceptance and friendship." "One of the very finest super-hero stories from the post-Watchmen era…" Sequart.com "A damn good book." comicbookmovie.com Nominated for the Best British Color Comic Book Eagle Award.

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