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por el autor   Joe Kraynak

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ISBN: 9781402242304
Tema:  - Libros sin catalogar
Fecha publicación: 2009
Idioma: inglés

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How can I run my own slam? For groups large and small, from single events to recurring programs, Stage a Poetry Slam explains the easy way to make your slams a success. Stage a Poetry Slam is a comprehensive guide for both budding and seasoned Slammasters ? people in charge of organizing and promoting poetry slams and spoken word events. Marc Kelly Smith, grand founder of the Slam movement and host of the original Uptown Poetry Slam, the one that started them all, takes you back stage to reveal the techniques and strategies he's crafted over his 20 years plus of developing world-class Slam shows. In Stage a Poetry Slam, Marc leads you through the process of shaping your own Slam from vision to opening night, as you discover how to... Fashion a crystal clear vision that drives the development of your first show Plan a detailed itinerary for a Slam extravaganza Scope out a venue that fits your vision Choose the right stage type for maximum impact Deal with the technical stuff ? lights, mics, props, & drops Recruit and organize emcees, volunteers, and other support Discover talented performance poets and spoken word artists Publicize and promote your show to attract an eager audience Stage special shows for corporate and community events Take ownership of your show, so it doesn't get hijacked Negotiate fair compensation with club owners and other patrons of the arts Stage a Poetry Slam is packed with practical, world-tested advice on how to craft a compelling spoken word poetry event and promote in such a way to pack the seats and leave a line out to the streets. You'll also find a brief history of slam, the rules and regulations that govern official slam competitions, and a list of PSI (Poetry Slam, Inc.) Certified Slams, so you always have a place to visit to pick up ideas and talk shop with other Slammasters! Marc Kelly Smith?the father of the poetry slam himself?shares his experiences from thousands of shows to get readers started, covering everything, including finding a venue, lighting and sound, managing performers, even getting publicity. Stage a Poetry Slam is filled with insider tips, backstage advice, and examples that will wake up an audience and keep them coming back. You'll also be able to go online to the PoetrySpeaks.com community to listen to the samples, meet poets, and discover new inspirations. It's showtime! The ultimate guide for anyone who wants to run a slam or performance poetry show

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