eBook Summary of Readings in Neurosurgery: Spine,



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ISBN: 9789838617208
Tema: Medicina - Cirugía
Editorial: Sin editorial
Fecha publicación: 2014
Idioma: Español

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Summary of Readings in Neurosurgery: Spine is designed with an access to clear, incisive introduction to neurosurgery about the spine. The 10 chapters within the four parts present discussion on neurological problems related to spine as well as the diagnosis and management of the neurological disorders. With concise and convenient format, the text covers from succint introduction on neurosurgery and its problems like spinal disorders, to the diagnosis involved complete with the management of surgical procedures. This book is packed with practical information including literature citations and index. In addition, illustrations such as clinical and operative photographs, surgical line drawings and tables, provide a clear visual understanding that demonstrate important concepts of the cases discussed. Comprehensive and conveniently compact, this book is a useful reference for neurological or neurosurgeon on neurosurgery rotation, practicing neurologist, as well as general surgeon interested in finding succint introduction about this field, medical student in learning about neurosurgery and neurosurgical trainee in their early years.

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