eBook The Adventures of Robin Aire, Robert Lloyd


por el autor   Robert Lloyd

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ISBN: 9781937831783
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
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The Adventures of Robin Aire is a series of four novellas centered on a young man whose first name often leads people to assume that he is female. In the first story a young, shy and sexually inexperienced Robin attends a residential course at a boarding school where he is erroneously registered in one of the girls’ dormitories. He arrives late in the night and has to make his own way to the room number on his registration form, and no one notices the mistake until his five room-mates find him in the morning. Fear of getting into trouble for having a man in their room overnight leads the girls to disguise Robin in drag and pretend that he is one of them. He spends the next two weeks lodging with the five girls, maintaining his disguise in public, but in private he discovers that the girls prefer to take advantage of his masculinity.  One after the other the girls seduce him, with the sole exception of Tracy, the one girl who he really desires. In the second story Robin is at university, where his room-mate and a group of very liberated girls help Robin pursue the sexual excitement which he found at the boarding school. Within the first weeks of term this group becomes renowned for their exploits. Robin soon falls in love with a particularly attractive teacher. He becomes interested in discovering the real reason why she was dismissed from her previous post (allegedly for sexual involvement with a student) and begins to snoop around to find the truth. The third story begins with Robin moving into his own apartment in a strange town. Despite a number of sexual successes with girls from the local pub and from his neighbourhood, he is most intrigued by his immediate neighbour, who seems to entertain a variety of male visitors. Robin discovers that his attractive neighbour is being forced by her dominating boyfriend to sell her sexual favours. Does he succeed in helping his neighbor as he has all the other women in his life? What happens as Robin continues his adventures through life?

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