eBook The Bitch at Work, Elizabeth Hilts


por el autor   Elizabeth Hilts

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ISBN: 9781402241567
Tema:  - Libros sin catalogar
Fecha publicación: 2007
Idioma: inglés

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Getting in touch with your Inner Bitch is important in that most challenging area for women-the workplace. This rowdy new guide is essential whether you're just starting out, climbing the ladder of success or opting out of the rat race to be an entrepreneur. Learn how to handle everything your colleagues, customers, clients or employers can throw at you: --The true definition of success, on your own terms. --Does demanding excellence make you a bitch? I don't think so. --If you're climbing the ladder, make sure it's leaning against the right wall. --Conflict resolution isn't for sissies. --What to do if you're clearly in the wrong. --Is it true that if you're the boss, you're the bitch? --Going solo-entrepreneur and bitch aren't synonymous. Full of helpful tips, insights and strategies for all women in the workplace who want what they want, and aren't afraid to speak their minds.

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