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por el autor   Rod Parsley

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ISBN: 9781621366225
Tema: Religión - Cristianismo
Editorial: Charisma House
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
Formato electrónico:  EPUB 

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Rediscovering the Beautiful, Scandalous Cross of Jesus Christ   The cross is the hinge-point of human history. It is the fulcrum of God s grand, brilliant, lever four thousand years in the crafting that in a single day pried a fallen world from Satan s grasp. The centrality of the cross is the hallmark of an authentic, life-giving gospel. But today we stand at an intersection a literal crossroads of history in which for many, even those with a genuine love for God and His Word, the cross has lost its importance.   In The Cross Rod Parsley takes you deep into the mysterious territories of what the Bible calls the foolishness of the cross and the scandal of Jesus s sacrifice to explore the significance of the cross in the unfailing light of Scripture.   It is at the foot of the cross, and there alone, that we can look with wonder upon the raw ferocity of God s love for us. To accept it and glory in it this is the only truly rational response. Come along as we rediscover the power, majesty, and beauty of the cross and learn anew how to claim that power for your life.

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