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ISBN: 9780571250219
Tema: Literatura - Literatura
Fecha publicación: 2009
Páginas: 190
Idioma: Inglés
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'The Dark, John McGahern s second novel, is set in rural Ireland. The themes that McGahern has made his own are adolescence and a guilty, yet uncontrollable sexuality that is contorted and twisted by both a puritanical state religion and a strange, powerful and ambiguous relationship between son and widower father.Against a background evoked with quiet, undemonstrative mastery, McGahern explores with precision and tenderness a human situation, superficially very ordinary, but inwardly an agony of longing and despair. It creates a small world indelibly and without recourse to deliberate heightening effects of prose. There are few writers whose work can be anticipated with such confidence and excitement. Sunday Times One of the greatest writers of our era. Hilary Mantel, New Statesman

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