eBook The Diabetic Wine Lover's Guide, BS Theodore Berland


por el autor   BS Theodore Berland

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ISBN: 9781940013121
Tema: Alimentos y bebidas - Bebidas
Editorial: Sin editorial
Fecha publicación: 2015

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Diabetics tired of "Diabetic DON T s" now have a "Diabetic DO they can raise a glass to! Serious medical research shows that dry red wines, consumed in moderation, can significantly contribute to good health, even for diabetic or pre-diabetics. Of course, one needs to be of legal age and not addicted to alcohol. This book gives diabetics and their doctors solid wine-and-diabetes medical facts in a readable yet thorough analysis of current medical research. Readers and their medical advisors may conclude, on the basis of these facts, concepts and important research findings, that some wines may be consumed safely by diabetics and that moderate consumption of dry wines by diabetics may improve health. In addition to the numerous studies cited, this volume includes many health and lifestyle suggestions along with fascinating history, biology and chemistry of diabetes and wine.

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