eBook The Global Scientific Method, Jose Tiberius


por el autor   Jose Tiberius

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ISBN: 9788415328018
Tema: Comunicaciones - Sistemas de información
Editorial: MOLWICK
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés

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The defense of the current scientific method seems important because it is one of humankind and life s great conquests. However, I think that it would be convenient to cast off some of the nineteenth century millstones and twentieth century obstacles, among which I would emphasize their atheistic complexes and utilitarian shroud respectively.Perception, intuition, and logic are the three weapons used by man in order to strengthen his control over nature. As we will see, the so-called scientific method of the philosophy of science has three principal variants based on these three instruments.Chapter II discusses the characteristics of the scientific method, criticizing some parts of its terminology as well as proposing a simple categorization of its stages and steps. Taking the opportunity, two new scientific methods and a brief section about the sociology of science, regarding the problematic in the stage of acceptance of scientific theories, are also therein included.Chapter IV focuses on revising the most relevant historical errors that the scientific method has made and continues making since it uses a philosophy of science adapted to sociological needs.

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