eBook The Iced Cherry Bun, Michelle de Serres


por el autor   Michelle de Serres

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ISBN: 9781910700051
Tema: Juvenil - Juvenil
Editorial: Sin editorial
Fecha publicación: 2015
Formato electrónico:  EPUB 

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These are the heartwarming and humorous adventures of little Harry Hailstorm whose mum Henrietta Woodmouse named him after the stormy, snowy weather the day he and his brothers and sisters were born. As Harry leaves the nest and roams the garden of Apple Tree Cottage he gets into all sort of scrapes along with his friends Melissa Lippy the frog, Malcolm the Mouse, Norman the Newt and Denzil the Fly. But because Harry s so handsome no matter what kind of trouble he gets into, he ll always come out smiling. In this first story of the series we meet our hero Harry Hailstorm the very day he s born in the middle of a terrible snowy storm. Then, once he s grown up enough to roam, Harry runs off with Melissa Lippy the frog to visit Norman the Newt and help him dig a muddy tunnel. Mrs Woodmouse is dismayed when Harry comes back caked in mud so our adventurer heads off in search of a cosy home of his own. Nearby, he finds the house of Mrs York where, on the window ledge sits a scrumptious cherry bun that s far too tasty for naughty Harry to resist!

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