eBook The Manager's Answer Book, Susan Benjamin


por el autor   Susan Benjamin

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ISBN: 9781402234729
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Fecha publicación: 2008
Idioma: inglés

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Management issues frustrate managers and employees alike, consuming countless hours of productivity and taking a serious toll on morale and turnover. The Manager's Answer Book covers more than 200 common questions and issues for managers, ranging from the basics of how to be a manger to the subtle nuances of handling sticky situations. Questions include: -What makes some managers succeed and others fail? -Is it more effective to be highly involved or behind-the-scenes? -How do you communicate your employee's issue to your manager? -What is the best way to handle an insubordinate employee? -What methods best encourage employee growth? An extension of the successful Answer Book series, The Manager's Answer Book is the resource every new and experienced managers will want to keep on hand.

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