eBook The Omega Dog (Pavlov's Dogs Book 2), DL Snell


por el autor   DL Snell

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ISBN: 9781618681454
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa de terror
Editorial: Permuted Press
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Español

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IN THE AFTERMATH OF PAVLOV S DOGS COMES… A MYSTERIOUS FIGURE. A stranger appears in the dark of the Mexican desert. They say he can change his face. He could be anyone, at any time. And they say he can bring the dead back to life. A KILLING MACHINE. On the brink of life and death, a monster, self-aware, dangles at the end of a puppeteer s strings, forced to help the very man he seeks to destroy. AN EPIC JOURNEY SOUTH. Twisting and turning through hordes of zombies, cartel territory, Mayan ruins, and the things that now inhabit them, a group of survivors must travel to save one man s family from a nightmarish third world gone to hell. But this time, even best friends have deadly secrets, and even allies can t be trusted as a father s only hope of getting his kids out alive is the very thing that s hunting him down.

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