eBook The Social Entrepreneur's Handbook : How to Start, Build, and Run a Business That Improves the World, Scofield Rupert


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ISBN: 0000071750290
Tema: Economía - Economía y Finanzas
Editorial: Mc Graw Hill Interamericana
Fecha publicación: 2011
Idioma: Inglés
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No one knows the business of social entrepreneurship better than Rupert Scofield. Cofounder and president of FINCA International a nonprofit microfinancing institution with 7,000 employees serving 750,000 customers in 21 countries Scofield has been a social entrepreneur for 40 years. In The Social Entrepreneur s Handbook, Scofield leads you through the entire process of starting up and running a nonprofit, sharing personal success stories and advice on what not to do valuable lessons he learned the hard way. The process, while risky, isn t as difficult as you might think. Practically speaking, you need only two things: an idea and a plan. The former comes from you and you alone. This book supplies the latter.The Social Entrepreneur s Handbook illuminates the path to building a successful nonprofit from the ground up.You ll learn how to: - Create a realistic plan for getting started in your chosen cause. - Assemble the perfect team for putting your plan into action and keeping it rolling in the right direction. - Develop a business model specifically designed to run a nonprofit organization. -Keep yourself, your staff, and your cause in solid financial shape. One of the many beauties of social entrepreneurship is that it s never too late to start. You can be right out of school or working in the highest ranks of corporate America. It doesn t matter. Social entrepreneurship begins with a noble cause, which turns into a passion, and soon becomes a mission worth dedicating your life to. The Social Entrepreneur s Handbook is the one and only resource you will need to attain your dream of working full-time in service to others and making a real, measurable difference in the world.

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