eBook The World According to The Simpsons, Steven Keslowitz


por el autor   Steven Keslowitz

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ISBN: 9781402249969
Tema:  - Libros sin catalogar
Fecha publicación: 2006
Idioma: inglés

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Keslowitz fixes a serious eye on America's favorite dysfunctional cartoon crew. -Larry McShane, Associated Press An accomplished work with many insights to share. -Duncan Dobbelmann, PhD ...His book of d'oh is a big hit. -New York Daily News When The Simpsons premiered, many hailed it as a sign of society's decline. And to them we say: D'oh! Instead, The Simpsons has become the smartest and most pointed look at the world we live in-all while becoming everyone's favorite TV family. The World According to The Simpsons is a hilarious and insightful study of what The Simpsons has to say about society, and how society is affected by The Simpsons. What does Marge say about the state of modern feminism? Are we too obsessed with Hollywood Jerk celebrities? Are Americans as great as they think? Is Homer the new industrialized employee? Will no Simpson child be left behind? No issue is settled until the Simpsons have had their say. So sit back, relax, and explore the wisdom of Springfield and what it means for our society. Or as Homer might say, Mmm...bookalicious.

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