eBook Thomas Alsop Vol. 1, Chris Miskiewicz


por el autor   Chris Miskiewicz

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ISBN: 9781613983553
Tema: Cómics - Cómics
Editorial: Boom Studios
Fecha publicación: 2015

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What s to Love: Bringing readers great books from new talent has always been close to our hearts, and Chris Miskiewicz and Palle Schmidt have created a warlock for these modern times. Fans of John Constantine and Dr. Strange will love this new take on the magic-wielding hero who battles demons on the streets...and in his own mind. What It Is: What would you do if you had the magical ability and responsibility to protect the island of Manhattan from supernatural forces of evil? Well, if you re Thomas Alsop, you get a reality television show and make some money off of it, that s what! Alsop is the current "Hand of the Island," a title handed down from generation to generation. He guards Manhattan from evil, using his family s prowess for magic. Thomas has money and fame, but also the burden of a being this generation s occult warrior. Can he survive the battles both within and without? Collects issues #1-4. "Best miniseries of 2014." - USA Today

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