eBook Timeless Shadows, J A Ferguson


por el autor   J A Ferguson

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ISBN: 9781933417790
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa romántica
Editorial: Sin editorial
Fecha publicación: 2000
Idioma: Español

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After losing his family in the Scottish Highlands, Colin MacLachlan vowed to get revenge. So during the English Civil war, he allied himself with the Campbells, and his reward was Castle Braeburn. It was the ultimate prize . . . except for the outrageous woman claiming to be the last laird s daughter and the rightful owner of the castle. Ashley Babcock has been haunted by bad dreams of Castle Braeburn for months. Only, she s never been to Scotland, so why is she dreaming about it? Plagued by sleepless nights, Ashley decides a visit to the castle might put her nightmares to rest. But upon entering, she s suddenly thrown back in time to the 17th century. Stranger still, people are acting as if she s the last laird s daughter. So why was she here? Was she drawn by a witch to confront the castle s greatest enemy? Or pulled into the past to find the man of her wildest dreams?

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