eBook To Ride the Gods' Own Stallion, Diane Wilson


por el autor   Diane Wilson

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ISBN: 9781402256899
Tema:  - Libros sin catalogar
Fecha publicación: 2010
Idioma: inglés

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 Better that you'd never been born, his father had said. Soulai is not brave like his sister. Nor is he a skilled craftsman like his father. And when Soulai accidentally burns down his family's home, his father gives up. He sells Soulai into slavery for five years to pay off the debt. While working in the royal stables, Soulai meets a horse unlike any other-a stallion named Ti. Like Soulai, the stallion is owned by the spoiled young Prince Habasle. But unlike Soulai, the stallion is respected by all and thought to be marked for glory by the gods. Soulai realizes what he must do to escape his enslavement-befriend the stallion to prove that he's bound for his own land of greatness. It's gripping, vivid storytelling.-Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review A plot full of...action...and intrigue.-School Library Journal [Readers] will be rewarded with an exciting adventure.- Voya

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