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ISBN: 9781937831745
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
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Under the Paramount Rule: Tales of Oakpark Grange is Tanya Simmonds’ final novel – a compendium of eight classic, femdom novelettes that explore the very essence of power and sexual sadism. Oakpark Grange is a school for young aristocratic failures, where masturbation is strictly forbidden – and severely punished! Dawn of the Vixen – The origin tale introduces headmistress, Lady Selina Paris, who discovers that one of her pupils has a dirty little secret. After severely caning him for his wanton self-gratification, she discovers her own long-hidden sexuality. The Assistant - Selina learns that she has a kindred in the world. Celia Ramirez is beautiful, a qualified teacher, and a rabid sadist. Together, they raise Oakpark Grange’s punishment regime to entirely new heights. The Lady in the Dark Veil - Selina finds her young stable hand masturbating when he is supposed to be working, and decides to show him the extreme side of discipline. However, a mysterious figure appears with a secret powerful enough to destroy Selina forever. Olga’s Selection – Selina’s new husband disrespects her lifelong friend, Olga, who has the right to administer his punishment, but not to take his body. For that, she must choose which pupil will satisfy her post-flagellation lust. Charlotte - As the pupils live in abject fear of their libidinous tutors, there is one among them who relishes their cruelty with the same lustful passion. The Submissive – Dennis is a quiet pupil. But one day, he asks Selina to punish him, and begs her to let him be her slave. Her power diffused, how can she possibly respond? Unbreakable – A mysterious new pupil arrives at Oakpark Grange whom Selina cannot control. Has she met her match? Megan’s Awakening - The truth behind The Paramount Rule is finally revealed as Selina passes the torch – to her own daughter. Includes: caning, flogging, penis whipping, strapping, penile electrical torture, poultice pouch, tease and denial, anal invasion, urethral insertion, masturbation, fellatio, forced cunnilingus, face-sitting, lesbian sex, straight sex.

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