eBook Viviendo la Receta Guatemala, Mirciny Moliviatis


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ISBN: 9789929619104
Tema: Cocina - Alimentos y bebidas
Editorial: Dbuk Editors
Fecha publicación: 2016
Idioma: Español
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"Guatemalan Chef Mirciny Moliviatis was appointed Ambassador of Guatemala´s Gastronomic Culture. In this book, Mirciny shares her experiences while traveling through Guatemala, not only her life lessons gathered from the people she met, but also everything you need to know from their gastronomic culture and ingredients found in this amazing country. The book has 9 chapters: salt, corn, tamal, sugar, beans, coffee, Semana Santa, local harvests and vanilla. The reader will find quick and easy to follow recipes, inspired by the ingredient revealed in each chapter. Vivivendo la receta has been nominated by the Gourmand Cookbook Awards, to be held in China 2016, as one of the Best Cookbook in the World."

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