eBook Vixy, Victoria Alice Buchanan


por el autor   Victoria Alice Buchanan

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ISBN: 9781937831134
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
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By day, Victoria Buchanan is your average boring secretary, with a wardrobe as bland as her personality. By night, her alter-ego, Vixy, takes over internet chat rooms as a dominatrix that makes men cum with her lascivious thoughts on screen. During her coffee break at work, Victoria lets Vixy out while she goes to “freshen up” in the bathroom. Hiding in the cubicle, she quickly brings herself to orgasm, thinking she’s alone. After she recovers, she steps out to find the receptionist, Anna, blushing and staring at her. Surprising herself, Victoria glides up to Anna, kisses her fully on the lips and asks if she liked what she heard. Anna, shy as she is, confirms that, indeed, she did like it. Victoria, confused by the power of her alter-ego, attempts to go back to work, but cannot concentrate. Her boss, Mr. Philson, calls her into his office. Once again, Vixy pops her devious head out and proceeds to seduce him. The entire office hears her screams as he takes her on his desk. Later that evening, she has a meet-up with one of her online affairs, Dan. The outfit she wears, a slinky dress and stiletto’s, is as different from her norm as her personalities. Vixy convinces Dan to come back to her apartment where they have an unbelievable night of rough sex. She cannot help but notice that Vixy is starting to take over her day-to-day life. Can Victoria accept Vixy’s domination of her behavior? Will her sexual appetite ever be quenched?

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