eBook Willpower and Artificial Intelligence, Jose Tiberius


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ISBN: 9788415328179
Tema: Psicología - Historia de la psicología
Editorial: MOLWICK
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
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The fourth book on the Global Cognitive Theory is dedicated to will, the decision-making process, and artificial intelligence.The brain intervenes in decision-making processes but surely our body s cell are also involved; as if it was the expression of will autonomy through a decision-making system like a real political system. This viewpoint of the decision-making model, along with its sensitivity, offers rational explanations to the changes produced in personal decisions without apparent reasons and, in some way, to derived problems such as schizophrenia.This philosophical perspective allowed me to come to entertaining and curious approaches about the very existence in the sense of existing as a unique individual, as a vital impulse system of more elemental individuals, as the vital impulse of a more global collectivity or as the aforementioned existences in an alternative way over time. And all this is according to the expression of will or the existence of a feeling.On the occasion of the discussion about the active subject of will in decision-making processes, a definition of artificial intelligence is proposed. It brings together a little bit of all the mentioned ideas about natural brain functions, so to speak.

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