eBook Yes, Mistress!, Rose Thornwell


por el autor   Rose Thornwell

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ISBN: 9780976967989
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
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Nick is a handsome young gigolo who can handle any woman. Until he meets stunning, dark-haired Callandra, that is. In a night of submissive passion, he learns to crawl and please and even to beg for pain. By morning he is fit only to be Callandra's slave, though she will not have him till he is properly trained. Nick is sent to an infamous house of male correction, where he is to be made into an exquisitely pleasing boy toy. His trainer, the sultry Athena is just eighteen, but she has all the right sadistic instincts, from leather body confinement to brutal cock and ball torture. Callandra meanwhile falls for a cultured European, Simon Hughes, who has hired her to live out his lifelong fantasies of degrading himself in public before a beautiful woman. Will her heart turn back to Nick or will he find himself forever in Athena's clutches? The only certainty is that he will submit forever, groveling before the superior sex.

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