eBook Your Gay Friend's Guide To Understanding Men, Bo Sebastian


por el autor   Bo Sebastian

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ISBN: 9781935661535
Tema: Autoayuda y Espiritualidad - Familia
Editorial: Sin editorial
Fecha publicación: 2010
Idioma: Español

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Girlfriends, get ready for some straight-talk about straight men from a gay friend. What do men really want from women? How do you avoid Mr. Wrong in your search for Mr. Right? What kind of emotional baggage is likely to send a man packing? Is your heartthrob a deadbeat? Where are the best places to search for the man of your dreams? Explore all these questions and more with renowned Life Coach, Bo Sebastian. Find ways to make your life and relationships better. Nationally renowned Clinical Hypnotist and Life Coach Bo Sebastian is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and taught at the 2008 World Hypnosis Conference. He currently works with Green Hills Healing Arts and has a private practice in Nashville, Tennessee. Bo has appeared on The Learning Channel with his sound-enhanced, multilayered hypnotherapy.

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